Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bounce Off- With a different bounce!

My students have always loved the game of Bounce Off. This fall, quite by accident, I discovered another way to play the game. I have a complete set of poker chips with my articulation and language words on them. The green chips may be focused on the R sounds, the red might be focused on the TH sounds, the black may be the MULTIPLE MEANING WORDS, etc. 
For this game the students have their color of choice or color of chip that matches their IEP objectives. They have to give two definitions of the word or produce a word/sentence with their sound in it. Then they get to bounce the poker chip into the Bounce Off grid. The first person or team that gets four in a row either diagonally, horizontally or vertically is the winner. The other person or team can block them or even bounce in and cover one of their chips stealing that space. 
My students have really enjoyed the new game and it has started the year out with a bang or a bounce! :-). 
I have to give credit where credit is due. My new student DASH was the one who accidentally bounced one of the chips into the grid. There it was.....a new game waiting to happen! 

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