Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Zones of Regulation- using stackable cups

We have been working with the Zones of Regulation in our social skills classroom for the last few weeks. This week we had the kids work with our homemade Zone Cups. We have done a few things with them. First, we used them as another visual approach to teach the kids what the different zones mean. Next, we had the kids use them to show the group what Zone they were in currently and maybe what Zone they had been in previously in the days. We had the students go around and tell what Zone they were in and why they were in that particular Zone. After that, we went through some of the tools we use to pull ourselves back into the Green Zone so that we can all be ready to learn again. We completed some of the worksheets that go along with the Zones of Regulation program. From this, we identified what were some specific tools that they could use for each Zone. Finally, we wrote those tools directly onto the cup that correlated with that Zone color. For instance, we put "Square Breathing" on the Red Zone cup or "Talk to Someone" on the Blue Zone cup. 
Today we used our Zone Hula Hoops (see previous posting) and our Zone Cups! We chose one student to go and stand in the Green Zone hula hoop. Then we told them about a situation that changed their Zone to another colored Zone. The student then moved to the other colored Zone. Then the group offered up some tools for that person to move from the one Zone back into the Green Zone. The student in the hula hoop had to act out the reason they moved to the other zone, had to show the emotion correlated with the zones they were standing in, and they also had to actually act out the specific tool that was chosen by the group. They had to show using the tool for thirty seconds and then move back to the Green Zone. 
The kids seemed to enjoy the activity and understand that there are many tools that they can use; they just have to figure out which ones are best for them. 

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