Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hula Hoops and Zone of Regulation

Today, thanks to my PE Department, we worked with the Zones of Regulation and hula hoops. Fun was had by all! The dean of students even stopped by and we had to have him stand in the yellow zone because he was singing and acting a little silly. 
We started off by standing in the hula hoop that represented the zone that they were in. The good news was they were all in the green and 
Then they had to move to the zone that they were in today, other than green. They had to talk about why they may have been in the blue or yellow zones earlier in the day and how they moved from these zones to the green zone so that they were ready to learn. We did have a couple of them in the yellow and one in the blue zone earlier in the day. 
Next, we read situation cards representing different zones. The students then had to throw the bean bags into the zone that represented the situation being read.
Then we talked about how it could be different responses or zones dependent on the student. Next we talked about how we could use our tools to move from one zone to another. 
Hula Hooping Zones was enjoyed by everyone! 

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  1. Great idea! Where did you find the situation cards?