Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hula Hoops and Zone of Regulation

Today, thanks to my PE Department, we worked with the Zones of Regulation and hula hoops. Fun was had by all! The dean of students even stopped by and we had to have him stand in the yellow zone because he was singing and acting a little silly. 
We started off by standing in the hula hoop that represented the zone that they were in. The good news was they were all in the green and 
Then they had to move to the zone that they were in today, other than green. They had to talk about why they may have been in the blue or yellow zones earlier in the day and how they moved from these zones to the green zone so that they were ready to learn. We did have a couple of them in the yellow and one in the blue zone earlier in the day. 
Next, we read situation cards representing different zones. The students then had to throw the bean bags into the zone that represented the situation being read.
Then we talked about how it could be different responses or zones dependent on the student. Next we talked about how we could use our tools to move from one zone to another. 
Hula Hooping Zones was enjoyed by everyone! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

If you can't beat em', join em! Cell phone speech therapy carryover!

All of my students have cell phones. I have even taken away a few in my teaching career. 
This month though I am encouraging, shall I say even demanding (okay, asking), them to use their cell phones to practice their speech at home. I ask them to record themselves saying either words or sentences with their sounds in them and video tape themselves. Then listen back and determine how many they said correctly or incorrectly. If they are produced incorrectly, I ask them to re-record them. 
"I don't have time," some of them say.
I respond, "Does your mom or dad drive you to practice?"
"Yes," they quickly reply, before they know I have snared them in my time trap conundrum. 
"Then pull your phone out and have them give you a word with your sound in it and make those sentences!" I suggest.
I have also informed parents that this is my expectation for the shortest month of the year. 
YAY! Some are doing it and noticing a difference in their ability to hear themselves and judge their productions. 
Let's celebrate an educational reason to have phones, besides the incredible gaming that they do. :-)
We do practice it in speech so they understand what I am after. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My favorite activity idea of this year! Communication White Board Game

Well we are half way into the year and I have to say...this is one of my favorite therapy ideas that I came up with this year! The kids still have not gotten sick of playing this and watching to see what the new month brings them. This is my February game board. This month there is one Valentine present that is wrapped and in the Valentine mailbox ($3 at Target). There are only two spots to earn tickets for the end of the month prize. 
As you can see, I have put items on there for my language, pragmatic, and articulation students. I always think that my fluency and voice kids can work on their skills with all of the above. 
All middle school speechies in my district are using this communication board now and have found that their students are just as motivated with it. We did take January off from this activity just so that they would miss it a bit more. 
Plus, January was Pyramid Challenge Month! See previous post for my articulation/language pyramids. This took most of the month to finish these. 
Games are proven to be great for the brain AND the motivation for speech! Some of my students have been in speech for years so I have to keep it interesting. I figure if my students aren't enjoying speech therapy then I am doing something wrong. Life is too short not to have fun in speech therapy!