Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Blurting BUGS! Every speechie loves a double meaning word!!

I have created an entire unit on BLURTING for TheraSimplicity (click here for a connection to that site). That unit was too high for my current level of students though. PS....TheraSimplicity is a great site for speechies, if you have not stumbled upon it you should check it out.
This week the blurting in social skills was at an all time high! My lovely team teacher, Stef and I were stopping, counting and waiting a lot. We tried the "I'm looking at ****, I'm talking with **** so that means I am not talking with you." (Michelle Garcia Winner technique to make sure they understand what blurting is.) We did the stopping and counting to five with our fingers about a thousand (hyperbole) times. They got it every time....until the next time. We read the book, "My Mouth is a Volcano". They LOVED the book and got it when we read the book, but their words "wiggled and jiggled" and ERUPTIONS occurred! Click here for the UTUBE reading of the book.

I found a great social story on PINTEREST, which was a FREEBIE! YAY for my checkbook! Click here for that Freebie. We had the kids read and color these books so they could take them home.
Reflection and Perspective Taking at its best......We talked about how BLURTING (BUGS) or affects others! Then BAM!!! (Onomatopoeia) It hit me!
Before you knew it, I was creating my first BLURT BUG! Sometimes I just LOVE my job; okay, most of the time I just LOVE my job!

BLURTING BUGS....Get it? Blurting does indeed "bug" people. So it seemed natural that we would create our very own Blurting Bugs in social skills class.

Click here for this sheet. OF COURSE, you NEED to add the googly eyes! They are what makes it even more fun for the kids. 

We got colored cards for the kids to create their own BLURTING BUGS cards. We had to explain the double meaning of "BUG" in this situation,
 so they fully got it. 

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