Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Blurting BUGS! Every speechie loves a double meaning word!!

I have created an entire unit on BLURTING for TheraSimplicity (click here for a connection to that site). That unit was too high for my current level of students though. PS....TheraSimplicity is a great site for speechies, if you have not stumbled upon it you should check it out.
This week the blurting in social skills was at an all time high! My lovely team teacher, Stef and I were stopping, counting and waiting a lot. We tried the "I'm looking at ****, I'm talking with **** so that means I am not talking with you." (Michelle Garcia Winner technique to make sure they understand what blurting is.) We did the stopping and counting to five with our fingers about a thousand (hyperbole) times. They got it every time....until the next time. We read the book, "My Mouth is a Volcano". They LOVED the book and got it when we read the book, but their words "wiggled and jiggled" and ERUPTIONS occurred! Click here for the UTUBE reading of the book.

I found a great social story on PINTEREST, which was a FREEBIE! YAY for my checkbook! Click here for that Freebie. We had the kids read and color these books so they could take them home.
Reflection and Perspective Taking at its best......We talked about how BLURTING (BUGS) or affects others! Then BAM!!! (Onomatopoeia) It hit me!
Before you knew it, I was creating my first BLURT BUG! Sometimes I just LOVE my job; okay, most of the time I just LOVE my job!

BLURTING BUGS....Get it? Blurting does indeed "bug" people. So it seemed natural that we would create our very own Blurting Bugs in social skills class.

Click here for this sheet. OF COURSE, you NEED to add the googly eyes! They are what makes it even more fun for the kids. 

We got colored cards for the kids to create their own BLURTING BUGS cards. We had to explain the double meaning of "BUG" in this situation,
 so they fully got it. 

Chat Stations and Topics

This week my team teacher Stef and I talked to the students about their conversation always starting with the questions, "What did you do last night" or "What did you do over the weekend?" Well, we think they have that skill down! :-) Now they really need to expand their ability to talk about more topics or use more starter questions with one another.
So...I was reading an article on establishing chat stations, and I decided to make formalized chat station signs for my social skills class. Last year we worked on Speed Conversation (See previous post in this blog for this.) This was a HUGE success with my higher level social skills class. This year our social skills class is a very beginning social skills class. The skills need to really be broken down for this group!

Click here to read the article.

So I developed some Topic Idea Sheets. Click here for my Chat Station sheets. We put these around the room and had the kids divide up into groups of two to start. Then they got to choose their chat station. They were given one minute to talk about the topic on their chat station sign. We went over the expectation every time they switched from group to group. Then we had them grade themselves on the five point scale.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Apps that I purchased for my class....

I purchased Question Builder, Expressive Builder, Sentence Builder-Teen, Tense Builder and Preposition apps today. 
I have liked using the conversation builder ones in previous years.

So I am giving them a shout out!

Monday, November 16, 2015

When I'm upset choices...

I can make choices when I am upset.

Laminate the page. Cut out the choices, laminate them, put velcro on the sheet and the options. Then have the student pick out five choices that they want to have when they are upset (angry or sad). 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Garbage Can Phrases Versus Recycling Phrases

See worksheet package link below! :-)

This week our middle schools took part in a two hour inservice that clicked with me. It was a speaker from the Top Twenty Training. 
We ordered their books and their curriculum binder 
and are excitedly awaiting its arrival! 
I highly recommend checking out their materials. The two hour workshop went by very quickly, especially for a Monday! 
My co-worker and I came back and asked ourselves how could we implement some of the teaching with our students in our DCD (developmental cognitive disability) group. I have the honor of team teaching with Stef in the social skills class every day with this great group of kids! 
One thing that we noticed though was that our students had gotten into some repetitive statements that were not helping them move forward. They were getting them stuck in the red, as we say in our social skills class. Refer back to our Shutting Down post. 
So I called them "garbage phrases", meaning phrases that we just wanted to throw out into the garbage and not reuse them. Statements such as, "This is too hard" or "I don't want to" or "I can't".  
Well that is usually how it starts with phrase and a new lesson is born! 
So....we talked with the group about GARBAGE PHRASES and RECYCLING PHRASES. These are phrases that we want to put into the recycling bin and use again. 
Then we got the kids to talk about how we could replace some of the garbage phrases with recycling phrases so that they wouldn't get stuck but would be able to move on! 
To start with, the kids did NOT like being called on these phrases. Change is difficult! Eventually though, they got to the point where most of them could recognize them and call each other on them. 

Message me if you ever are unable to open these links and I will send you the sheets. I can also send you the word doc so you can change it to meet your needs. 

They made their own "recycle phrase" buckets today out of Cascade tab boxes. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Verbs, verbs and more verbs....

A speech/language caseload isn't a caseload without working on the present progressive sentence patterns. 

Some of my students are struggling with the helping verbs 
so I made this sheet to help remind them. 
( Graphics by:

Magically, this week I started calling the helping verb "is" their MAGIC WORD and low and behold they started remembering it! 
I will add it to my bag of tricks. 

As you know, I have worked for and I frequently use their materials. This is one of the posters I created awhile back when I was working on verbs with a number of students. Check out their site for a variety of materials.