Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
Consulting in Maui!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Communications Game Board on the White Board

When I was out "consulting" on Maui this summer, my friend got a new standup paddle board. He named it after me (AMALOU1) and I was bound and determined to find a decal for this new board that represented the name. He had named a new board after me before, but those decals were easy to find. This one was a bit more difficult, as you can imagine! When I returned back to MN, I went searching on the web and found where I could custom build my own decal. So I came up with the perfect one personalized for his new treasured board. I could even make it transparent so that it wouldn't take away from the beauty of the board.

You can make the following on this site: 
Here is the SUP decal I created for my friend. 

Now why am I telling you about my Maui and SUP experience? Well, it got me thinking about school....of course! I thought I could make some signs for my white board that I am always telling my students. I thought it would be really great for my social skills groups! I could even make smaller ones that they could put on their notebook as personal reminders of skills that they are working on in social skills. See a couple of samples below...

One thing led to another and my mind was concocting a large game board that could be played on my white board in the speech/language resource classroom. I could change the squares as needed to fit the students or the months of the year. As you see, I used to make the graphics (decals) for the inside of the game. They can be removed from the white board at the end of the year.  

Here is the large board on my white board. I don't really use my white board all that much because I have a lot of mini white boards.

Below you will find a close up of some of the boxes.

For the start of the school year, here is what I put in the boxes: 
  1. You know how to pronounce my name, move ahead three spaces.
  2. You know one other person in your speech group, take another turn.
  3. You forgot to come to speech, go back to the beginning.
  4. You know what you work on in speech! Great job!
  5. Tell the group one hobby that you enjoy.
  6. Tell the group one thing about your summer. 
  7. You came with a smile and a great attitude. Great!
  8. Free piece of candy.
  9. You met one new person this week. Way to go!
  10. Give one piece of candy to someone else.
  11. Tell us something about your family. 
  12. You forgot to come to speech. Go back to the beginning. (This is one thing that I like to have the kids figure out and take responsibility early on!)
  13. Tell us the names of everyone and you get to move ahead two spaces.
  14. Spell you speech/language teacher's name.
  15. Free candy spot.
  16. You worked on your speech over the summer! Great!
  17. You forgot to come to speech. Move back to the start.
  18. Everyone came to speech on time. EVERYONE wins a piece of candy.
  19. Tell us two words that describe you.
  20. Tell one fun thing you'd like to do in speech this year.
  21. Where is your favorite place that you like to travel to? 
  22. Tell us about your pets.
  23. Tell the group one thing that you can figure out about Ms. A. from looking around.
  24. Your practice your sounds outside of this room! GOOD JOB!
  25. You forgot to listen to others. Lose a turn. You asked for help. Great job!
  26. Tell the group what you like to do in your free time. 
Now you can change them as often as you like. You could focus on fluency, language, social skills, articulation, voice, IEP knowledge, self-advocacy, etc. You could have the students come up with the boxes later on. 
Of course, you could use it for anything from math problems to vocabulary, to geography if you wanted. 

The first week I will probably let them have quite a few turns. They will pick a magnet that is already on the board and move that one. That way they can start anywhere on the board. After the first week, it might just be an ice breaker when they walk in the room. 
As you see, it teaches the students what is expected of them in a fun way and it allows them to let others know about them and get to learn about others in the group also. 
I will let you know how it goes. 
Here's to another great school year! ENJOY your students!

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