Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Speed Conversation Rounds

Although I have never been a participant in Speed Dating, I have always been fascinated by it because I think you can tell a lot by a person's ability to carry on a conversation with a stranger. 
That got me thinking....
why not try something similar in our social skills class?!?! :-)

So today was our trial run of SPEED CONVERSATION in social skills class.
What a perfect way to work on all of their social skills that we have been focusing on for 7 months! 
We went to our art room so every other student pair up, in the group, could have their own table. Then we had half of the group sit down at their tables and half of the group stand up so that they could be matched up with their conversational partner. 
So now the students were sitting one on one across from each other at their own tables. 
The first round (five turns and five different people), we kept the topic the same until everyone made it around to all of the tables. This allowed them to get used to a familiar topic and try it with five different people. 
The second round, we changed the topic every time they changed people.
The third round, we had them make their own choices of topics
 and kept it going for about five minutes. 

Task Break Down:
Pair them up.
Tell them they will have 30 seconds to talk about the topic they will be given.
Ring the bell to indicate that they can start the conversation.
Conversation begins (teachers going around the helping them with conversational strategies.)
30 seconds elapses and time up is called.
Conversation stops.
The five students who started up standing now get up and move to the next table.
Bell rings.
Conversation starts with the next person.
30 seconds elapses and time up is called.

You get the picture. SPEED CONVERSATION. :-)
It worked GREAT! We will definitely be doing this again. 
Keep in mind that this probably worked so well because we have spent 7 months working on skill development and the kids in the classroom also are comfortable with one another since they have been together for most of the year.