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Work hard; play hard!
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Purpose of the Statement Tracking Sheet

This month we are working on increasing the awareness of the purposes of statements in our social skills class. This is important for them to better understand others' intents or purposes and also to better understand their own patterns in purposes of statements. We talk about more effective purposes and purposes that are sometimes more self-serving such as "hearing yourself talk" or to "show off knowledge" or "seeking attention".
We started off by demonstrating different statements and talking about what the students thought might be the purpose of those statements. Then we brainstormed on some more purposes and came up with a list of them. Then we divided the purposes up and had them make individual sheets giving examples of each purpose to create a Purpose Quilt on our wall. After that we had the students find comics either in a newspaper or on the internet and label each of the dialogue boxes with a purpose of the statements.
Now we are asking the kids to label the statements within our class time. They will have to graph their own statements on this sheet so that we can look for patterns and talk about how that might affect others' opinions about them.

Click here for a copy of the tracking tool. 
Click here for a copy of a dialogue that you could practice labeling purposes of the statements. 


  1. The copy of the dialogue does not open. Could you repost it, maybe in a different format?

  2. For some reason, google drive changes has affected this. I have tried another approach for you, but it is not as clean of a copy. You will have a general idea though. Hope that works; if it doesn't, let me know! Thanks! amy