Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Friday, October 3, 2014

Common Ground- Topics and Social Skills

We used this tool this week in our social skills class to try and reduce some of the ego-centric nature of our conversations with one another in the group. We paired the students up and gave the pair a copy of this sheet. They had to talk for ten minutes and come up with at least five topics that they were only interested in, five topics that the other person was only interested in and a minimum of five topics that they both were interested in. Then we talked about the importance of not having conversations only one-sided. The kids had some difficulty at first so we asked them to think about the question, "Would you like to talk about this subject for more than five minutes?" If so, then you could put that as one of "your" topics or "our" topics.

Click here for access to the worksheet.

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