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Work hard; play hard!
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Social Skills Hierarchy Guide

 Click here to go to a printable document of the hierarchy form. 
Click here to go to a printable document of the hierarchy crime poster. 

 I created this form for my higher level social skills class. The group was having a difficult time figuring out what level of formality they could or SHOULD use with different groups. I explained to them that everyone has a level (Level 2). Even the President of the United States is a LEVEL 2 in his world. The President has parents, aunts and uncles that are above him in level of social interactions. So everyone is at a level two and has peers, siblings, cousins, etc. At your own level you can use a less formal form of interactions. Then when we talk with people at a Level 3, 4 or 5 for us we need to adjust our level of formality. We refer to it as Hierarchy Interactions and used this form to talk about why their tone or their level of formality was not appropriate for the situation. Then we talked about why using too high or too low of a hierarchy approach with certain groups may create misunderstandings or consequences. We also talked about how other perceive us when we make a mistake in this area of hierarchy.
We started the project out by asking questions....
  • Who are some people who you feel you can interact with freely? 
  • Do you change your tone with certain people? 
  • Are there some ways that you can communicate with your close friends that you probably wouldn't use with other people? If so, why? 
  • If you met the President of the United States, could you talk with him/her like you talk with your friends? If not, why? 
  • Do you talk with your teachers the same way you talk with your closest friends? (This is where my group struggled some.)
  • If you were pulled over by a police officer, would it be okay to use sarcasm with them? 
  • Do you think there are some people that your parents have to use a more formal approach with? 
  • Etc...

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