Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Simple Nouns and Adjectives

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I love MAGNET words in speech! You can use them for so many things. This week my functional communication groups pulled them out for therapy. We found all of the adjective magnets (color coded, which made it easier) and put them up on my little office fridge. Yes, I do believe in using all spaces in my office as instruction spots!
Then they had to find three adjectives that could be used to describe them. They could only use the magnets on the fridge to start with. Eventually, we expanded to ones they could come up with on their own.
This may seem like an obvious use of the magnet words, but today my Functional Communication Groups were working on expanding their sentences a bit. So we used this lovely, blue cookie sheet and put a noun (monster) in the middle of it. Then we brainstormed on what words describe a monster. As you can see, I write on everything with white board markers. The kids had fun taking turns with their nouns and adjectives. Next we will move on to making sentences with the different adjective phrase possibilities.
Minnesota Winters (noun)- impossible, tiring, exhausting, brutal, dark, frigid, ridiculous, blustery, and never-ending (adjectives)

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