Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Lego Kits Have Come Out....

I have five bags that contain the same Legos. Every year we pull them out during our winter doldrums. This winter has been BRU-TAL! It seems like we are far from over, according to the weather forecast this morning. So the LEGOS have come out! This week we are focusing on giving and following directions. This seems like a simple task, that sometimes (okay, frequently) turns frustrating for the students. When this happens we do some free styling Legos and watch middle schoolers rely on "old school" fun to bring them back down and diffuse the situation. Then they restart again and adjust their creations into ones that might not be so difficult to describe to their peers. Yesterday, I used it with a group of 8th grade boys who thought they "HAD THIS". The group was composed of a student with fluency issues and students with articulation issues. This group is a very bright group of boys. You can guess what this means; yes, the first one quit 4 steps into the directions because of his frustration. I will bring him back to it, but yesterday was just not the time. I do caution you to tread carefully with groups that have 1 or more students dealing with ASD. You will need a lot of patience to keep their frustration in check. Maybe start off with breathing and yoga and then enter the room with the announcement that we will be working with LEGOS. :-)

Rumor has it, we might be sending a kit to another middle school in our district next month and FACETIMING directions with them. Wish us luck! Here is to spring coming to our rescue in a few months. 

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