Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

March Into A New Contest- Multiple Meaning Word Challenge

March Into A New Contest!
Next month we will be starting another round with Multiple Meaning Words. So we are having a contest. The students are being challenged in groups (6th grade versus 7th grade versus 8th grade) to search out visual representations of multiple meaning words and google doc them to me or bring them to be directly. They get one point for each one they bring in or TWO points if it contains their sound that they work on for articulation.

Here you see it on our learning target for the month.
To the right you see the wall that has already started with some examples. I, of course, have laminated them so I can use them for the years and years to come.

Click here for the March Contest Announcement.

Click here for a link of children's books that would be great for this unit!  

Click here for a link to Guess the Homonym game.  

Click here for my PINTEREST board on multiple meaning words. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Blurt and Buzzers- make for a fun language and listening activity!

Click here for a direct link to the buzzers.
You can get Travel Blurt of the full version of Blurt at most game stores or on Amazon or other similar sites.

I handed each team a buzzer and then I started reading the clues for the word. The first person to buzz in for the word got to guess the correct word given the meaning. If they were wrong the other teams or individuals could buzz in with the answer. I only read the clue one time so that they would work on listening skills and memory skills also.

Of course, you can have the students and teams take turns reading the clues too. This is great for all kids, especially your articulation and your fluency kids! LET'S FACE IT....reading out loud is good for most kids. They can all use the practice. 

I also have the full version of the Blurt game.

These have been great additions for my games this winter! Have I mentioned how LONG this Minnesota winter has been!?!?!?

I think this might be a game that will come to use during our staff spring break party that I throw in March!

ANSWER BUZZERS add fun to a language task!

How do you put more fun into a language activity? Why...add buzzers, of course! :-)

We pulled out an old memory game and set each student up with ten cards. Then I gave them a receptive language task of finding a card that matched my hint, such as: find one that flies, find one that you can wear, find one that smells, etc. The first kid to buzz in with their buzzer gets to make a sentence with the item on their card and turn their card over. The first one to have all of their ten cards turned over wins the game~!

As you see, if they are focusing on a specific objective such as using "is/are/am" in their sentences, I sometimes put that in writing on the table with a white board marker.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Lego Kits Have Come Out....

I have five bags that contain the same Legos. Every year we pull them out during our winter doldrums. This winter has been BRU-TAL! It seems like we are far from over, according to the weather forecast this morning. So the LEGOS have come out! This week we are focusing on giving and following directions. This seems like a simple task, that sometimes (okay, frequently) turns frustrating for the students. When this happens we do some free styling Legos and watch middle schoolers rely on "old school" fun to bring them back down and diffuse the situation. Then they restart again and adjust their creations into ones that might not be so difficult to describe to their peers. Yesterday, I used it with a group of 8th grade boys who thought they "HAD THIS". The group was composed of a student with fluency issues and students with articulation issues. This group is a very bright group of boys. You can guess what this means; yes, the first one quit 4 steps into the directions because of his frustration. I will bring him back to it, but yesterday was just not the time. I do caution you to tread carefully with groups that have 1 or more students dealing with ASD. You will need a lot of patience to keep their frustration in check. Maybe start off with breathing and yoga and then enter the room with the announcement that we will be working with LEGOS. :-)

Rumor has it, we might be sending a kit to another middle school in our district next month and FACETIMING directions with them. Wish us luck! Here is to spring coming to our rescue in a few months. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Do you know what your goals/objectives are?

There is nothing worse to me than when I ask my students what their goals/objectives are in speech and they respond, "I don't know," or the obligatory shoulder shrug. Okay, maybe there are worse things, but this is one response I dread getting from them. don't know what you have been working on?!? Talk about lack of a learning target. This year, I was determined that every student could answer this the second I asked them. So that became our SEPTEMBER learning target. Now, every once in awhile, I will have one from the group verbalize what everyone's goals/objectives are. THEY CAN DO IT! :-) I also have them write it right on the therapy table in front of them. They seem to love to use the white board markers on the table. So this is just an easy tool to use to keep their targets in the forefront of their brain while they are working in the therapy room.