Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rock, Paper Scissors for articulation and vocabulary

I know; I have been a bit inactive when it comes to creating for my blog. I have always wanted to make Rock, Paper Scissors cards for my speech groups. So finally I did it! I have the word doc also so you could change the targets on the cards. I put several targets (Articulation- r, l, s, sh, ch, k and g) and (Vocabulary- analogies, antonyms and multiple meaning words) on each card. This way I could use it with several of my groups and it could address multiple IEP objectives. (*You can email me for the word document so you can change the words or the targets on the cards.) You could use them for reading or math or just about anything you wanted to use them for in your classroom. 
More than two players: The way we played it this week was to divide all of the cards between players. We kept them in a pile and did not look at the cards. Then the first person puts down the card that is on the top of their pile. The next person goes and you see which person has the strongest card (rock crushes scissors, scissors cuts paper, and paper covers rock). The person with the strongest card gets to take the other person's cards. Then the strongest of those two cards goes up against the next players top card. You keep doing this until the final player in that round. If they are the same card then the first player that laid down the card is "safe" and gets to take their card back. The second player goes up against the next player. 
Two players: We played it two different ways. The first way we played it went quickly. We played it like the old card game of WAR. There are a lot of matches because there are only three cards. The next way was to deal out five cards to each person. Then you each choose one card to lay down. The strongest card takes both of the cards. If you have a tie then you choose another card from your hand of four cards now and lay that down. Every time you play a card you get to choose another card from the draw pile. So you always have five cards in your hand until the end. The player with the most cards at the end wins the game. 
So there you have it; I finally have my Rock, Paper, Scissors game with my target words on them.

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