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Work hard; play hard!
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Friday, November 8, 2013

Vocabulary- definitions and description

VOCABULARY- This is an exercise that works on increasing a student’s
ability to define or describe.
Come up with a list of ten words that are four letters in length. You will only change ONE letter in
each word to arrive at the new word. There are a few ways to play this game with your kids. Below
you will find some of the variations I have used in class.
• Give one in the group the list of ten words and have the leader come up with the definitions
of all of the words to lead the group to the final word.
• Have the ten words cut up and in order. The first student gives the definition of the first
word (You can also just provide the first word since it is so important that they get this one
correct.) Then you hand the next student the next word or definition and they provide a
definition or read the one you game them so the students come up with the next word. This
goes on until you get to the 10th word.
• Have only the first word and ten definitions written on a sheet of paper to see if the students
can figure out all ten words.
• Have the list of ten words written on the sheet and have the students write in meanings for
each of the words.
• You can give them all different sheets and have them do the last two options and then have
them see if the class can figure out their list after they have done so.
• You can have them look up meanings also and paraphrase the definitions.
• After you have done a few, the students will be able to come up with both their own words
and definitions and have the others in their group complete their challenge.
• You could also have the students come up with sentences that this word might appear in such
as, “The horse was pulling the _________.”
• You could also come up with one that gives or uses idioms or figurative language.
• You can target certain sounds if you are working with articulation.
• A couple of notes:
o Check the students’ spelling because the entire game depends upon the correct spelling.
o As you can imagine, this activity can be differentiated in many ways. I have even
printed up worksheets with the words and definitions before and then even remove the
letter that will need to be changed.

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