Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Prefixes and Suffixes

For this lesson, I just printed out a variety of prefixes and suffixes and laminated them on cards. Then each student took a turn and did the following: said the prefix/suffix, indicated whether it was a prefix or suffix, gave a word that the prefix/suffix could be used on, told the group how that changed the word, and gave a sentence with their example. Once they did this they turned the card over to the other side. Once all of the cards were turned over the activity was over. Today they earned a Halloween treat because after all it is HALLOWEEN! Then the others from the group took turns to see if they could think of other words that the card could be used with.

You will notice that this site has the meanings of the suffix/prefix cards also so you could play a matching game with the cards. You could also come up with root words and match it up three ways. 


I have also taped up the prefixes and sufixes on the board or around the room and shut off the lights. Then I give each of the students a flashlight and turn off the lights. After that I say a root word. They have to shine their light on either a prefix or a suffix that would work with that word. Then they have to explain why or use it in a sentence.

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