Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Favorite Vocabulary Sites

This site has four different levels of vocabulary words with pictures BASIC, EASY, MEDIUM and HARD. You can print them and there are also ones that you can order. You can do Vocabulary of the Week with these and many other things. I use them for both my language kids and my articulation. The power in vocabulary development is always good!
This week I decided to take all of the "A" words for a couple of my groups. We played an easy game, which I didn't know how it would go over. This is from the EASY vocabulary set. I didn't tell my 7th grade group this; instead I told them I was bringing their vocabulary expectations up a bit since they were 7th graders! That way they thought that if they got stuck on words it was because I had increased the level instead. So I laid out all of the "A" words. Then I read the words out loud to them. Then they each took a turn and attempted to put the word they chose into a sentence. After that, they turned over the card and indicated to the group whether or not they had used the word correctly. They read the definition and showed the picture to the group. If they got it correct that was the end of their turn. If they did not, they had to create another sentence that WOULD make sense with their new found knowledge of this word. They actually enjoyed the challenge. The pictures did help them remember the words. Who knows??? Maybe in November we can move on to the "B" words? :-)
As you see I printed them off in color, glued the picture to the one side (along with the definition) and had the word written on the other side. That is a whole lot of printing, gluing and laminating I know! Luckily, I had parent volunteers complete this project for me. It is one though that you could bring home and have your spouse, kids and/or friends and neighbors help you out with! I find it fascinating what can be done in front of the television at night! 
These cards from the site listed above are a fabulous FREEBIE! Thanks to the people who created this site for us wordies!
They also make the claim that they are perfect for studying for all of those national exams! 
I tell the students that I don't know all of the words they provide.

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