Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Card Tricks In Therapy-

Last week my students had to research card tricks on the internet. After they found one that they could complete they had to give step-by-step directions to the other students in the group. Then the other students followed along to complete the magic trick. I used this with all of the students in my groups.
  • Fluency- worked on reading the directions for the trick using their slow, easy onset of speech. They also had to use their fluent speech while asking for clarification.
  • Language- giving and following 1-2 step directions, asking for clarification, repairing information they had given, answering questions.
  • Articulation- working on their sounds as they give the directions for the card trick.
  • Social Language- asking follow up questions, knowing when to repair communication, handling frustration of other not understanding you or you not understanding others, handling it when the card trick did not work out, giving directions which are clear and concise.
It was challenging, but it really did work on all areas of goals/objectives. Plus, the kids all went home knowing some card tricks to teach to their parents! 

I have a book of card tricks that I bought at Barnes and Noble that was relatively cheap! There are also tons of sites out there for easy card tricks.

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