Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Prefixes and Suffixes

For this lesson, I just printed out a variety of prefixes and suffixes and laminated them on cards. Then each student took a turn and did the following: said the prefix/suffix, indicated whether it was a prefix or suffix, gave a word that the prefix/suffix could be used on, told the group how that changed the word, and gave a sentence with their example. Once they did this they turned the card over to the other side. Once all of the cards were turned over the activity was over. Today they earned a Halloween treat because after all it is HALLOWEEN! Then the others from the group took turns to see if they could think of other words that the card could be used with.

You will notice that this site has the meanings of the suffix/prefix cards also so you could play a matching game with the cards. You could also come up with root words and match it up three ways. 


I have also taped up the prefixes and sufixes on the board or around the room and shut off the lights. Then I give each of the students a flashlight and turn off the lights. After that I say a root word. They have to shine their light on either a prefix or a suffix that would work with that word. Then they have to explain why or use it in a sentence.

Writeable Verb Cards

Here is another way you can use material from (Click here for a direct connection to the website.) This week we were working on present progressive sentence patterns (pronoun+is/are+verbing). So I printed up some of Thera's verb words, made cards out of them and laminated them. This way I could write the part that the individual student was struggling with right on the cards and erase them as they progressed. I think one of my best investments in my office is a $25 laminator from Target! This gives you a strong laminated card that is easy to write on with white board markers and easy to wipe off again for the next student. Who needs to go and buy materials when you can just create them from TheraSimplicity!? This way I choose the specific verbs for the students in my group.
Okay, I have to tell you that I have worked for TheraSimplicity so there is a bit of self-promotion going on here. I really do find the website useful though for creating materials specific to my needs of the week!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

IPADS gone mad! Articulation Therapy

Last week one of my students and I had three IPADS going at once. The first ipad had the GREAT app "Speech Tutor" that he likes so much. This APP goes through the motor act of each sound so he can see the motions of the mouth and hear it at the same time. The second one had THERASIMPLICITY.COM on it running through cards with the (n) sounds in them. The last one was him recording himself and watching to make sure he said it right. Then afterwards he went through the video tape of himself and wrote down the data of how he did. It was a great use of technology!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Angry Birds- Prepositions and Following Directions

Angry Birds- Great Target Find!

 I found these great pencil toppers at my favorite store, TARGET! Again, I may be partial because it is a Minnesota company, but who doesn't LOVE Target!?!? The cubes make it perfect for learning PREPOSITIONS and giving/receiving directions. You can start with teaching the prepositions, move on to following one-step direction with prepositions and then move on to multiple-step directions. Then I even let them set up towers at the end and try and knock them down.



Angry Birds- Multiple Step Directions

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Speech Dice

I love these dice! I use them for a variety of things. Today I used them with one of my students who works on two word phrases. I placed cards from one of my many Memory games in there. Then we took turns rolling the die and making sentences or imitating sentences. For my higher level students, I put in their articulation words, words that they have to give two adjectives for, prepositional phrases, or we sometimes even will put rewards on them that they get to roll and earn. Sometimes they have a ZONKER or two on them.
Here you see I am using them for (th) articulation.

Favorite Vocabulary Sites

This site has four different levels of vocabulary words with pictures BASIC, EASY, MEDIUM and HARD. You can print them and there are also ones that you can order. You can do Vocabulary of the Week with these and many other things. I use them for both my language kids and my articulation. The power in vocabulary development is always good!
This week I decided to take all of the "A" words for a couple of my groups. We played an easy game, which I didn't know how it would go over. This is from the EASY vocabulary set. I didn't tell my 7th grade group this; instead I told them I was bringing their vocabulary expectations up a bit since they were 7th graders! That way they thought that if they got stuck on words it was because I had increased the level instead. So I laid out all of the "A" words. Then I read the words out loud to them. Then they each took a turn and attempted to put the word they chose into a sentence. After that, they turned over the card and indicated to the group whether or not they had used the word correctly. They read the definition and showed the picture to the group. If they got it correct that was the end of their turn. If they did not, they had to create another sentence that WOULD make sense with their new found knowledge of this word. They actually enjoyed the challenge. The pictures did help them remember the words. Who knows??? Maybe in November we can move on to the "B" words? :-)
As you see I printed them off in color, glued the picture to the one side (along with the definition) and had the word written on the other side. That is a whole lot of printing, gluing and laminating I know! Luckily, I had parent volunteers complete this project for me. It is one though that you could bring home and have your spouse, kids and/or friends and neighbors help you out with! I find it fascinating what can be done in front of the television at night! 
These cards from the site listed above are a fabulous FREEBIE! Thanks to the people who created this site for us wordies!
They also make the claim that they are perfect for studying for all of those national exams! 
I tell the students that I don't know all of the words they provide.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

IPAD- My daily tool as a speechie!

I use my IPAD almost every session in my speech groups. One of my favorite ways to use it is to have my students record themselves in their articulation groups saying their words and/or their sentences. We reverse the screen so they can see it as they are producing it. This provides them a great visual during their productions. Who needs the old fashioned speech mirror when you have an IPAD!?!!? Then we also play it back and they keep track of their own data. I also have sent home snipits of the movies to their parents so they know what and how we are working on their sounds. Frequently, I use another IPAD with the ArtikPik app providing them with words specific to their goals. It also has sentences already created for them. I have three IPADS, thanks to the generosity of a family I worked with in the past, that I would HATE TO LIVE WITHOUT!

Card Tricks In Therapy-

Last week my students had to research card tricks on the internet. After they found one that they could complete they had to give step-by-step directions to the other students in the group. Then the other students followed along to complete the magic trick. I used this with all of the students in my groups.
  • Fluency- worked on reading the directions for the trick using their slow, easy onset of speech. They also had to use their fluent speech while asking for clarification.
  • Language- giving and following 1-2 step directions, asking for clarification, repairing information they had given, answering questions.
  • Articulation- working on their sounds as they give the directions for the card trick.
  • Social Language- asking follow up questions, knowing when to repair communication, handling frustration of other not understanding you or you not understanding others, handling it when the card trick did not work out, giving directions which are clear and concise.
It was challenging, but it really did work on all areas of goals/objectives. Plus, the kids all went home knowing some card tricks to teach to their parents! 

I have a book of card tricks that I bought at Barnes and Noble that was relatively cheap! There are also tons of sites out there for easy card tricks.

The Game of Things- Speech and Language Game

The Game of Things is a great game for both language and articulation. It contains 300 topic cards! What could be better!!? An example might be "Things you should never say to a police officer." 
There are many ways to play it and work on your speech/language goals and objectives.
  • You could have one student pick a topic card, read it out loud, and have everyone in the group write a response and hand it to the leader. This person then reads the answers aloud and either chooses which one they think is the best or funniest answer or you could have them read all of the out loud and have someone in the group try to guess who wrote each of the answers. This way you get everyone using their sounds while they try to guess the authors of the responses.
  • You could have one read the topic card and give the group a certain amount of time to come up with the most responses. Then you could have them get a point for everyone that they had and no one else had or you could just give everyone a point for each answer they had that the group voted on making sense. 
  • You could just have everyone read their own answers and use it for articulation carryover. You don't keep track of points; you just enjoy everyone's answers. My groups tend to not like this approach; there is something about competing and middle schoolers. 
  • It is also good for your language kids AND your social language kids. Here you could have the explain their answers and why you would or wouldn't want to do a specific THING.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Poppin' good time in speech!

The lovely owner from THERASIMPLICITY.COM gave me my first animal popper. It was the penguin popper. Since then I have had to go out and buy 6 more. Geesh! I BLAME HER! We use them all the time in therapy now. I give a present tense (pop it) and the person who catches it has to shout out the past tense BEFORE they catch the pop. I give a multiple meaning word (pop it) and the one who catches the popper has to give me a sentence containing two of the meanings or give me both meanings. I give one to each student and they monitor each other's articulation. They get to pop it at someone on an error. I have a group that works for 20 minutes straight and reach their daily speech goal, the group gets to have popper wars for the next 2 minutes. My kids from the 6th to the 8th grade levels ALL LOVE MY POPPERS! I have a funny feeling that my purchasing days of poppers are not quite done yet. There are more out there. I only wish there was a DUCK! I NEED A DUCK!