Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Friday, May 3, 2013

Conversational Hogs- Pragmatic Skills

Two principals ago I had a principal who LOVED pigs. I, on the other hand, loved motorcycles! Before she left me and went into retirement she gave me this pig on a motorcycle. I keep it as a memory of Janell. One day during social skills class I had one of those sessions when it seemed that all of my lessons I had taught had been forgotten. So I took out this guy and plopped him right in the middle of the group without saying anything. That got the group to be quiet. Then I asked them to try and figure out, from the context clues of what was going on in the group, what this HOG could be representing. Finally, we figured it out as a group (with a LOT of hints from me) :-). What can I say...when in doubt...use humor with middle school students! The rest of the week we talked about beign "CONVERSATIONAL HOGS" and what that meant for the rest of the group. We talked about what others think and feel when you "HOG" a conversation. This resonated with the students. In fact, some days they would pull the hog off of the shelf when they felt someone in the group was "hogging" to provide the visual. I hate to tell you, but a couple of them would even give up a "snort" when they felt like they were being "hogged" upon. So I made up "conversational hog" cards for reminders for our group.

Click here for the conversational hog cards.

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