Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Speech Pyramid- articulation and language game

I have printed these as individual sheets for each students, but the game tends to go on a bit too long for some of my students. So this year I printed them as posters and the groups are all playing on them together. I made the original ones up as a Word Document so you can make your own also. I have included a PDF one with the link. This has both articulation (r, s and misc. sounds) and language (antonyms and irregular past tense). 

The directions to the game are as follows:

Speech Pyramid
Materials Needed: two dice and a sheet with words for each player.
Object of the Game: Be the first to color in your rectangles.
Player 1 rolls the dice and colors in either the added amount OR the 2 numbers separately. Player 2 will then roll the dice and decide which ones they would like to color in also. If they shake doubles, they will roll again.
Both numbers must be blank to color if you choose to color in the separate numbers. IF the added total is not available and only one of the two separate numbers is free, you are done with your turn and do not color anything in.
Example: If you roll a 2 and a 5, you may color in a 7 or the 5 and the 2. If the 7’s are all colored in and you only have a 5 open and not the 2, you are done with your turn and you do not get to color any numbers. If you roll doubles and this happens, you still are done with your turn.
Speech Component of the Game: Have the students say the words or make a sentence or question with each of the words in the boxes that they color.

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