Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Phonological Processing- Minimal Pair- (f) and (th)

THink (TH).....
Way back in the YONDER YEARS, I actually was a teacher's assistant for Dr. Guru of Apraxia. I ended up writing my thesis on this subject. 
I haven't worked with elementary students for awhile so when I get a phonological or apraxic case again I am usually scrambling to create materials. Now if you want materials for middle school students my office is LOADED!
This is nothing fancy about this minimal pair , but the whole purpose of this blog was to not have to recreate the wheel so I am sharing it just in case someone else is looking for a minimal pair worksheet for a student. 

Lesson Pix also has a minimal pair generator that you may find useful.

Tracking Countries......

Here are some of the countries who have checked out my BLOG:

Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Germany, Columbia, Poland, Singapore, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, South Korea, Ukraine, France, Belgium, South Africa, US, United Emirates, Croatia, New Zealand, India, Northern Mariana Islands, Brazil, China, Ireland, Curacao, Argentina, Ecuador, Pakistan, Namibia, Portugal, Israel, Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Vietnam, Lebanon, Jordan...
I know I have missed some. Let's keep it coming! I have yet to see Norway, which is my heritage! Come on Norway! 

Soon I will be able to announce the 10,000 view of my blog that was started in August, 2012! That is exciting to me!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Peachy Speechie Makes It Into Publication!

I am thrilled to see that my Blog and Pinterest Page for speech/language pathologists have made it into the newest TheraSimplicity Better Speech and Hearing Newsletter! 
Coming Soon To TheraSimplicity.....check this site out.

Speech Pyramid- articulation and language game

I have printed these as individual sheets for each students, but the game tends to go on a bit too long for some of my students. So this year I printed them as posters and the groups are all playing on them together. I made the original ones up as a Word Document so you can make your own also. I have included a PDF one with the link. This has both articulation (r, s and misc. sounds) and language (antonyms and irregular past tense). 

The directions to the game are as follows:

Speech Pyramid
Materials Needed: two dice and a sheet with words for each player.
Object of the Game: Be the first to color in your rectangles.
Player 1 rolls the dice and colors in either the added amount OR the 2 numbers separately. Player 2 will then roll the dice and decide which ones they would like to color in also. If they shake doubles, they will roll again.
Both numbers must be blank to color if you choose to color in the separate numbers. IF the added total is not available and only one of the two separate numbers is free, you are done with your turn and do not color anything in.
Example: If you roll a 2 and a 5, you may color in a 7 or the 5 and the 2. If the 7’s are all colored in and you only have a 5 open and not the 2, you are done with your turn and you do not get to color any numbers. If you roll doubles and this happens, you still are done with your turn.
Speech Component of the Game: Have the students say the words or make a sentence or question with each of the words in the boxes that they color.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Using Switches As Carrier Phrases

Click here for a direct connection to the product- Talk Point Switches

Today I used the Talk Point Switches from Learning Resources to model carrier phrases for a student. Each of the difference colors had a different carrier phrase such as "I want a...", "I need a...", "I see a...", etc. Then we used the Red Button for applause and "GOOD JOB SEAN!"
You can use them for a variety of other purposes also. 
For my higher functioning classes, I have used them as a therapy choice surprise. So I put five options for therapy that day and choose one student to push the button. Whatever the button says is the therapy activity of the day. 
I have also used them as a prize rewarder. So if they have completed a contest they get to push the buttons to see what reward they earn. Sometimes I even put a ZONKER prize.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Perspective Taking

I got some flexible, magnet characters and now the students have fun changing up the messages with the positions they are placed in for the week! This is just an easy, fun way to get middle school students to think outside of themselves. I am going in search of more magnet bendable characters because the kids are LOVING THIS! This is an activity they can do if they arrive to speech early. For some reason, most of my kids do show up (sneaking out of lunch) early. Idle hands.......are now busy along with busy brains and their humor skills!

Small things often are the biggest rewards in teaching!

I had my students working on analogies for over two months to earn a cup of hot chocolate and a bag of Annie's Cheddar Bunnies. While I was working on minimal "r" pairs with another student, one of my students was working with the Bananagrams. He wouldn't let me see what he was working on, but finally he asked me to look over. This is the WONDERFUL message I saw! It made my heart warm in this perpetual MN winter we seem to be having in APRIL! You will notice the delightful faces he even formed out of the bananagram letters! By the way, did I mention...this was an 8th grade boy who took the time to make my day with this kind gesture!?! I do LOVE my job and my students! 
Thanks E. B. You made my day!