Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Pronouns and Helping Verbs

All of you probably work on present progressive sentence patterns at one time or another. This is an easy activity that takes little planning time. I use the free app Action Words with the students all of the time. Here is one way I use it. I pull up the app and it states the target word you want the student to find on the screen. For instance it will say, "leaning". Then I have the student find the picture that represents the word "leaning" and then tell me the sentence that matches the picture. For this one it could be, "She is leaning on the rail." Then they get to cross out the matching "pronoun + helping verb" on the white board (she is). After that they get to click on the picture and see if they chose the correct picture that matches the verb. The app gives them verbal praise for picking the correct one, and we move on to the next screen of four verbs. When they are all done with the white board we are done with the task. Sometimes we have to do some of our own actions because the pictures don't cover "I am..." and "We are...". This is fine because this points out that we personally have to be involved in these pronouns. If you don't have the app Action Words you can use any verb+ing pictures to do this.

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