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Work hard; play hard!
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Social Skills Awareness Cards

Social Skill Cards
Social Skills Cards File

 I have two large recipe boxes filled with social skills cards like these. I change them according to the group I am working with. We sometimes will work on a chosen skill by having the "Interrupting" card out for the session. Then students receive either the "You waited your turn" or the "Interrupting" card. I have used these cards in a number of ways:
- graph their own number of cards
- attempt to more plus card than negative cards
- start with three interrupting cards to begin with and have to put their card in the middle if they do "interrupt" or whatever the chosen card is
- use the cards as a way of collecting data during social skills

Cards have ranged from You Dug Your Heels In (With a pretty pair of bright pink heels on them!), Mouse Voice (With a picture of a rat trap on it.), Socially Awkward, Space Bubble, On Topic, Pulled Someone Into the Conversation, Great Attitude, Took Feedback Well, etc.... One of their favorite ones that just clicked with them is the TOOTHPASTE card. This is when you tell me way too much information when I ask, including even how and when you brushed your teeth. I had several parents ask me, "What is this TOOTHPASTE thing my child keeps talking about!" You KNOW this cracks me up because I can just hear the students calling out the toothpaste card in the home setting. Now THAT is carryover of skills! :-)

You have to use the cards carefully and with a little bit of humor. I always have the students give some cards to me too allowing me to demonstrate a LOT of INAPPROPRIATE social skills! This is my favorite part of my job! The kids love this too! I will have them name it and claim it!

I have used these cards in Developmentally Cognitive Delayed Programs to my middle school social skills (EBD and/or ASD) groups. Kids with the ASD label tend to like to point the skills out in me rather than claim it in themselves. So this is where I usually start with them.

Click Here to get an example of some of the cards.


  1. Wonderful! These really do have a variety of uses! Let me know how YOU have used them and any feedback you may have. I always like to know how other people use my resources. Keep me posted, and thanks for the comment! amy

  2. Love these! I am going to use them with my Life Skills students.... Thanks!

    1. You are welcome Jessica! I am glad you think they will be useful. Let me know how you used them and your experience with them. I could also send you a list of cards I have made if you want. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate that. amy