Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Sentence Strip Language!

 Again...the dollar bins at Target (My favorite store!) are my friends! I found these sentence strip white boards, which I use for a PLETHORA (My favorite vocabulary word for my students!) of purposes!
Here we came up with Clue Questions (HORIZONTAL ((vocab)) BOARDS) for the secret item (written on the bottom side of the white board that is VERTICAL (vocab) to the horizontal sentence strip white boards. With my lower language group they are each assigned one of the Clue Questions to ask me. Then I say and write the answers in another color underneath the Clue Questions. They cannot guess until all of the clues have been re-read to them in the end. With my higher functioning language groups they have to come up with the SECRET ITEM and answer/write the answers to the Clue Questions. With this group the others in the group get to pick which question they want to ask according to what they think will allow them to guess the word with the least amount of questions. Sometimes the leader will even have to write up the clue questions.
Another version we play with these is to have just the clues written and they have to come up with what the Clue Question would have been. Sometimes they just have the clues written on the back of the sentence strip boards and they reveal them one at a time. So they would turn up "Prickly", then "Living", next "Mammal"....etc. The other students guess on their secret white board what they think is the answer and what clue number they guessed it on or scream out the answer as quickly think they have it (but then they are out if they guessed wrong!). The final board has the answer written on the back of it. My more competitive groups like this one!
Another way to play this is to give each student a sentence strip white board and have them come up with their own SECRET word. Then they have to verbalize the clues one by one to the others in the group. For instance...this is something that you use in the winter, it has a handle, it is made out of metal and word, it would come in handy for the East Coast right about now, and you keep it in the garage. 
So, as you can see, this game can be changed to match the level of language and competitiveness of the group!
Of course this can be done with regular white boards or slips of paper, but you know I do love to promote those dollar bins at Target! What can I is a MINNESOTA company that I am proud of! They give a lot back to schools and their community! GO TARGET!

For the expressive language component of this activity, I have the students tell me a sentence with 1-3 of these descriptive sentences.

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