Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Purpose of the Statements

I find that most of the times my students in my social skills classes do not even realize that everything they say has a purpose. We brainstormed on some of the purposes and then printed them up to post in the classroom. Actually, I pointed them out while they gave me typical examples of their statements. Then we started identifying in others and ourselves what our purpose was in making statements. They ranged from sarcasm, giving sympathy, requesting something, praising someone, hear myself talk, lying, show off knowledge...etc. I tried to find as many "positive" ones as "negative". From there we started to graph our own statements to increase our awareness. From then I could tell them, "Today I would like you to be aware of the number of times you talk just to hear yourself talk," or any other personal goal a student might have or shall I say YOU MIGHT HAVE FOR YOUR STUDENT. :-)

Click here if you would like to link to the purpose of the statement sheets we used. As you can tell, I cut them out, laminated them and had the students post them up on the wall for an easy visual reference.


  1. I used these last week in the co-taught speech/social skills class. We are doing a respect unit and I was able to use these to discuss our purpose of communicating. Each student drew a card with two purposes on them and had to share how it showed or didn't show respect. We also role played and gave examples. It was a great tool to help enhance the lesson. Thanks for sharing these!!

    1. Wonderful! Glad you found them useful!