Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Musical Chairs (cards) Activity

Over the holidays I made (I am kind of the ALPHA female in my family...go figure!)...anyway...I made all of my family play musical chairs with holiday music. Of course, I had gift cards as prizes so the motivation was already built in. We had so much fun watching nephews take down their girlfriends for a $5 gift card that this may become an annual tradition.

Well this reminded me that I used to LOVE playing musical cards with my therapy session when I worked in the elementary school. My principal would go by and just shake his head as he heard OPERA, CLASSICAL, JAZZ, playing from my office. I figure I may as well expose them to a variety of musical genres as I was doing therapy also!

Here is how I would do it....I printed up rather large cards of either pictures or words (depending upon the level and skill we were working on) and laminated them. So if I was working on the present progressive sentence pattern I printed up pictures of people DOING (verbing). We started off with many cards! Sometimes we would have them weave in and out around the entire room! Back then I had a LARGE therapy room. Today I would have to take them out in the back hallway. Then I would start the music. When I stopped the music each of the students would make a sentence with their card that they landed on. Now these cards would be pulled away from the game. Then eventually only students who were lucky enough to land on a card and not an empty space would win the game. Now you can play it the traditional way also, but you get less stimulus cards for sentence production. I have also done this with social skills where they have to tell how the person is feeling in the picture and predict why they might be feeling that way. For articulation students you just use cards with their sounds in them.

Back to the basics....grab yourself some music and let the kids move during these long winter months. You people in CA or HI might not understand the need for movement due to WINTER BLAHS! This is what my friends in CA and HI remind me of frequently!

PS....the kids love to run the music also and have you participate!

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