Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Speech Shufflin' Chips

As you know, I LOVE my poker chips with all of my sounds and language skills on them. I have a tray of language chips that have irregular past tense, irregular plurals, multiple meaning, synonyms, and antonyms words on them. Then I have trays for my various articulation sounds on them. So blue might be (r) sounds, green (s) sounds, white (sh) sounds, etc. This is my BEST INVESTMENT I have ever made as a speech/language pathologist! They are SO VERSATILE!
Here, with a little gym tape stolen (borrowed) from my P.E. Department, I have created a simple shuffle board on my therapy table. Past the yellow line-5 points, white line- 10 points, red line- 25 points, green line- 50 points and blue line or past is ZERO! There is also a small box (bottom picture) in the 50 point zone that if they get their chip in that box they get 100 points. You can also see though that in front of that in the 25 zone there is another little box that is MINUS 30 points! These two boxes were added later, but have been a BIG HIT for my competitive students, which is about 90% of them!
The students each take turns with their own chips (targeted language or articulation words) and side it down the Shuffle Table. They take turns because the most fun part of the game is KNOCKING off the other students' chips! Have I not mentioned how SUPER COMPETITIVE they can be!?!? You have to love middle school students!
Of course, in the end they quickly add up their points and ask if they get a reward! Of course, I mention that their reward is that they get to see me! They roll their eyes and most of them say it before I can even get it out of my mouth!

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