Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Roadblocks to Listening

Roadblocks to listening- In Minnesota, all students are used to our summer months being filled with signs and roadblocks due to construction. I found this adorable construction cone at a convenience store one day and knew that my therapy room was calling for it! Most of the time I use it as a visual for roadblocks students are having in listening. It can also be a visual for students who are maybe having roadblocks in learning or behavior choices.
The point that I emphasize with students is that, although they may be experiencing a ROADBLOCK now, it is important that they move to the construction phase of the project and eventually be able to reopen the road so that they can get through. They seem to be able to grasp these concepts.

I label the three phases as:
  • ROADBLOCK (unable to move forward), 
  • CONSTRUCTION (willing to do the work), and 
  • ROAD OPEN (able to move past and get to their destination). 

On the other side the cone says, "Back Away From My Desk". Of course, I find that HILARIOUS and useful also.....mostly for staff though! :-)

Click here for worksheet on common roadblocks to good listening.
Click here for brainstorming sheet on roadblocks to good listening.
Click here for worksheet on personal roadblocks to good listening.

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