Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Four on the Floor

Another trip to Target and we have another speech game! I bought a mini muffin pan and used some of my discs from another game. Each of the students takes a different colored bag of discs. Then we took turns producing our targets sentences or words with the poker chips (see below). After the produced the sentence correctly, they got to throw one of their discs into the muffin pan to try and get four in a row. If another student throws one in an already occupied muffin tin they get to take over that space and hand the previous disc back to the unlucky player who just lost a space. The winner is the first one to achieve four in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. We played the game on the floor because it allowed the students to space themselves a little more fairly. My competitive boys seemed to enjoy it more than some of my girls, but all in all it was a hit!

Side Note: This year I bought poker chips from Target and made different objective targets with each color depending upon the student's area of need. So on some of them I have (r) words or (s) words or (sh) words, etc. Then I have another tray of poker chips that have language targets on them such as irregular past tense, irregular plurals, antonyms, synonyms, multiple meaning words. This way I just pull out my poker case and use these chips for many of my games! All of the kids seem to LOVE to play with the poker chips.

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