Work hard; play hard!

Work hard; play hard!
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Flip The Chip

FLIP THE CHIP....I don't actually have them flip the chip...although they could if they chose. I just liked the sound of Flip the Chip versus Toss the Chip. I guess I am into rhyming. 

As stated in previous posts, this year I bought a case of poker chips and created targets for many of my speech/language students. I have different sounds for my articulation kids and for my language students I have irregular plurals, irregular past tense, multiple meaning words, antonyms, synonyms, etc. This way I can use these chips for MANY of my games and it quickly gives me access to a variety of different goals areas. PLUS THE STUDENTS LOVE PLAYING WITH POKER CHIPS! They do not love that I won't allow Texas Hold 'Em of any other form of poker in my classroom. I know....I AM SO MEAN!

This is another game we play with those infamous poker chips. I am lucky enough to have a "secret" back hall close to my office. I take advantage of many opportunities in my school, and this is one of them! I am also in cahoots with my custodians! IT PAYS TO LEAVE THEM CHOCOLATE!

I "borrowed" (antonym= "stole") some floor tape from the phy-ed dept. I like to use the word "borrow" because it just sounds better and I am putting it into writing. I don't give my PE Dept. chocolate as often as my custodians so drastic times....drastic measures!

Then I made up this grid and I get to keep it on the carpet in my "secret" hallway. Now you could make it up on tag board or big sheets of cardboard if you are not as fortunate as I am to have the connections with the custodians. That being said, I now have another workspace to use when I get claustrophobic in the MN winters. My office has NO windows! I NEED MY VITAMIN D! This "secret" hallway is surrounded by huge windows; it is like having a solarium to work in during the winter months! I spoil myself.

I hand out poker chips to each student that address each of their goal areas. Then they take turns either producing the words, asking questions, making statements or whatever other speech/language task I might ask of them. Then they get to throw the chip onto the grid. The one with the most points at the end obviously wins! There are positive points, and there are negative points. You will notice I have one of the 10's in green. If they land on this square they not only get to take ten points away from someone, but they also get to add ten points onto their own score! They LOVE this spot! I guess they are into punishing their friends in speech! I also added the yellow 25 and 50 point squares at the top. This was added because of feedback from the students.

When I asked for thumbs up or down on the game, they have all given me a thumbs up on it so it looks like it is a winner and a keeper.

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