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Work hard; play hard!
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pull Into The Conversation

Click here to get a copy of the sheet you can post or hand out to students.
I picked up this $1.00 rope in the pet section at Target and use it as a tool to indicate to my students when they need to pull someone else into the conversation or to even pull themselves into a discussion with others. I of course, went for the red and white one because they are our school colors. So we call it the Panther Pull! It doesn't take long before they associate the rope with pulling someone into the conversation. This has worked with all levels of students.

Click here to get a copy of an explanation sheet.
  1. I teach my students that the rope represents the conversation.
  2. Each thread on the rope represents a sentence or a question.
  3. The threads (sentences) come together to create a topic (thicker red or white cord). 
  4. The change in colors on the rope represent the change in topics. I also tell them that they have to transition smoothly into the next topic, and that they can't just jump from one end of the rope to another. 
  5. Then I tell them that they can't be the only one holding onto the rope (conversation), and that they have to pull someone else into the conversation by throwing them the rope (asking them a question). Then once the person starts answering the question they have to let go of their control of the rope. 
I have used this mostly with developmentally cognitive delayed students. They catch on to these visuals and the concepts quite quickly. 

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  1. Brilliant visual!!! I love this idea. I can't wait to use it with my kids at school!